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Rapidly growing population, loss of arable land, sustainability agendas, changing dietary habits and misallocation of resources are driving the Agribusiness industry to shift rapidly. Moving forward, companies will have to compete in a challenging environment, where technology is transforming Agribusiness capabilities, environmental pressures are limiting existing operations, and competing governmental priorities are suppressing optimal global yield and trade flows. The most successful companies are looking to continuously achieve economies of scale while increasing yields, providing year-round availability and ensuring consistent quality

Innovation in Agribusiness has come a long way, with technologies such as hydroponics, algae feedstock, urban farming, drone technologies, desert farming, aquaculture, among others are reshaping the industry and creating more sustainable ways to increase food security in the future. However, global adoption is still in its early stages with more proof of concepts and commercial validations required for investors to jump in and boost the growth of the industry.

Ollen Group helps Agribusinesses capture opportunities and navigate uncertainties. We work closely with clients to anticipate industry changes, digital disruptions and shifting trends, and apply a unique point of view on building successful business models and capturing new opportunities. We draw on our global expertise across industries and capabilities to deliver the best results with meaningful impact to our clients. We understand the economics of the industry, the dynamics of markets, the requirements across the value chain, as well as the critical challenges facing operators looking to drive business expansion, operational improvements and build capabilities.


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