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Looking for more value, quality and convenience, consumer behaviors are challenging manufacturers and distributors capabilities to find new ways to differentiate their product offerings. For Food & Beverage (F&B) companies to maintain growth and competitiveness, it is crucial to capture new demand seeking a steady stream of new products that satisfy new needs. While raw materials, energy, and commodity prices are increasing steadily, companies are finding it very challenging to translate cost pressures into higher pricing in the market. For reputable brands especially, a series of price increases could trigger a permanent shift of consumers to cheaper options. The F&B industry has also witnessed a substantial increase in the number of SKUs available to customers and a shift in distribution channel mixes. As a result, products have now a shorter lifecycle, resulting in increased manufacturing turns and changeovers, multiple packaging configurations and high inventory.

Ollen Group has a deep understanding of F&B business challenges and the outlook of the industry. We play a pivotal role in helping manufacturers and distributors design and implement strategic initiatives, capitalize on latest technologies, capture new markets, improve operational efficiency and optimize trade spend. Our experts work closely with clients to diagnose areas of waste and inefficiencies and then redesign and implement, across different functions and activities, strategies to improve the top/bottom line and ensure accountability and sustainability.


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