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Helping companies reimagine traveler's experience and design new strategies to drive growth, create competitive advantages, adopt profitable business models, and mitigate risk potential


The travel retail industry is undergoing tremendous change as travelers are reconsidering their way of traveling. Shortened time being spend at travel junction locations like airports or railway stations, careful purchase decision making, renewed spending priorities, increased ecommerce penetration, and shifting customer preferences and loyalties are creating major disruption. Additionally, by paying high rents and with the current market conditions, achieving top & bottom line growth is a challenge for many, and for some, long-term viability is in question. Today, many travel retail operators as well as landlords of airports cruise terminal or similar, need to objectively evaluate their brand portfolio, location presence, value propositions and prioritize the strategies.

Ollen Group combines deep industry expertise and fact-based insights to help industry players take swift, decisive action and make smart decisions about the strategic, operational, and digital challenges that will determine their success. We work closely with our clients to increase income per passenger, and to future-proof these valuable businesses in the face of major upcoming disruption. We create strategies for any point of travel that drive growth, create competitive advantage, unlock profit growth, and mitigate risk potential.


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