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We help executives develop experiences design visions and concepts, 3D visuals, customer experiences, and the technical documentation.

Our experience design services

The design industry is constantly evolving as companies seek to create innovative and memorable experiences for their customers. It involves designing and creating immersive and engaging experiences for customers or users. This can include the design of physical spaces such as retail stores, museums, and event spaces, as well as digital experiences such as websites, apps, and virtual reality environments.

Serving some of the most prominent brands, commercial developers, independent retailers, and global companies, Ollen Group specialize in creating experiences that are memorable and can standout from the rest. Our approach is pragmatic and starts in an in-depth understanding of customer needs and business requirements. We determine how the idea and space will interact with one another and integrate the two to best meet your goals. This includes but not limited to:

  • Research and analysis, involving gathering information about the client's goals, target audience, and competitive landscape, and using this information to inform the design of the experience
  • Concept development, involving working with the client to define the overall theme or concept for the experience, and creating visual representations of the desired look and feel
  • Design planning, involving the creation of detailed plans and drawings that outline the layout and flow of the experience, as well as the visual elements and interactive features that will be included
  • Prototyping, involving the creation of rough sketches or prototypes of the experience to help visualize and refine the concept
  • Implementation, involving working with contractors and other specialists to bring the experience to life, overseeing the construction and installation process to ensure that the final result aligns with the original concept

Ollen Group is one of the top experience design consulting firms in the Middle East & Africa region. Our experience design consultant team have extensive experience in providing experience design consulting services.


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