Startup Acceleration Services

We help executives design startup programs and participate in advisory boards to accelerate growth and achieve objectives.

Our startup acceleration services

Startup acceleration services are designed to help early-stage companies grow and scale quickly, and can be provided in a variety of formats, including one-on-one consulting, group workshops and seminars, and through structured programs that last for a set period of time. These services can be especially valuable for startups that are looking to move quickly and take their businesses to the next level, but may not have the resources or expertise to do so on their own. Some of the key benefits of startup acceleration include access to expertise and resources, structured support and guidance, networking and collaboration opportunities, and increased visibility, among others.

Ollen Group startup acceleration consulting services include but not limited to:

  • Business development support, including market research, customer acquisition strategy, and partnerships
  • Product development support, including product design and prototyping, as well as engineering and technical support
  • Marketing and PR support, including brand development, social media marketing, and public relations strategy
  • Financial planning and investment support, including fundraising strategy, financial modeling, and investor presentations
  • Operational support, including HR, legal, and administrative support

Ollen Group is one of the leading business accelerator program consulting firms in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East & Africa region. Our startup acceleration consultant team have extensive experience in providing startup accelerator consultancy services.


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