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Many organizations today find the way they do strategy inefficient and ineffective. They find their strategic planning approach too rigid, bureaucratic, reactive, and disconnected from resources and capabilities for execution. With faster-changing environments, organizations are further doubting their strategic planning process as capable to identify the big, disruptive opportunities that will drive long-term value creation.

Ollen Group strategic planning and consulting approach focuses on insight, preparedness, agility and organization wide buy-in, in addition to 5 key characteristics:

  1. Exploring strategies at different time horizons, long, medium, and short terms, which should be addressed individually with different goals, stakeholders, and initiatives;
  2. Continuously conducting strategic dialogue to inject inspiration and drive results by focusing on a changing set of strategic questions and by redesigning processes that no longer fit the pace of the strategic environment;
  3. Engaging and involving all layers of the organization by going outside the central strategy team to business leads, board members, different teams, customers, and even suppliers to boost preparedness and responsiveness, and lead to better alignment for strategy execution;
  4. Developing an action-oriented mindset by investing in execution and monitoring supported by the right capital allocation, organization, and metrics; and
  5. Protecting the priority strategic initiatives and monitoring performance on a shared dashboard.

Ollen Group is one of the best strategic planning consulting firms in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East & Africa region. Our strategic planning consultants have extensive experience in providing strategic planning for organizations, strategic planning for small business, and strategic planning in project management.


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