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Our feasibility study services

One of the most important preliminary steps for companies planning to build or expand facilities and operations is a thorough cost/benefit analysis or feasibility study. Feasibility studies help assess whether a business opportunity could be a success or a failure. Startups and well established organizations need to develop a detailed analysis before starting a new initiative or expanding an existing operation. It helps executives understand whether the business direction is correct and if not what rectification are required to be taken. A feasibility study is an important tool for mapping out the challenges and pitfalls of a project versus the potential benefits of improved efficiencies and expanded capacities.

Ollen Group feasibility study consulting services approach examines the commercial feasibility, economical feasibility, technical feasibility, operational feasibility and financial feasibility of the target opportunities and projects to assess viability. The results would determine whether the proposed project is financially possible and make a projection on the rate of return on invested capital. This in-depth analysis include but not limited to these factors:

  • Scope and limits of the project
  • Project phases duration
  • Risks and obstacles to project completion
  • Budgets, operational costs and cash flows
  • Projections of future performance
  • Funding requirements and adequacy
  • Cost overruns resources and funding
  • Project legal, regulatory, & logistical constraints
  • Personnel, equipment and supplies availability
  • Alternative scenarios
  • Other commitments that could impact project completion

Ollen Group is one of the leading commercial, financial, operational and technical feasibility study consulting firms in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East & Africa region. Our feasibility study consultants have extensive experience in delivering feasibility studies across a range of opportunities and projects.


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