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Our retail store mystery shopping & audit services

Also called secret shopping, research shopping, or mystery consumer research, mystery shopping is a qualitative and quantitative tool allowing an organization to experience its own processes, stores, facilities, products and services from the customers perspective. It is a tool where people observe the experience and the quality of products and/or services while acting like a regular customer. This information is then collated and analyzed to create actionable insights.

Ollen Group mystery shopper consulting services provide measurable performance data through custom designed operational audits that best represent operating standards and designed customer interface points. Ollen Group mystery shopping audit consulting services approach provides a detailed and rigorous measurement process that helps an organization track progress and identify customer gaps and trends. This include but not limited to:

  • Monitor touchpoints instore and online
  • Assess designed service sequence
  • Increase brand management
  • Provide a 360 views from a customer perspective
  • Analyze competitor shops
  • Audit franchise compliance
  • Audit brand performance through inspection

Ollen Group is one of the leading mystery shopping company consulting in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East & Africa region. Ollen Group capabilities include best mystery shoppers consultant agency services online (digital landscape) and offline (instore).


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