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Transformed small family business into a global competitor. Conducted market research, improved branding, created new selling channels, and designed a new store and ecommerce platform. Developed a marketing strategy to engage the target audience. Resulted in a significant improvement in brand recognition and market share.

Overview & Scope

Our client, a small family business operating from residential locations, was facing tough competition from well-established brands like Bateel, Christoffle, and Patchi. The client wanted to transform their business into an international brand and compete with these industry leaders.

Our consulting and design firm worked closely with the client to strategically uplift their brand and market positioning. We identified key areas for improvement and created platforms for new selling channels such as ecommerce and retail stores. We also improved the client's current product offerings to better align with the needs and preferences of their target audience.

Our efforts resulted in a significant improvement in the client's brand recognition and market share. The client was able to successfully compete with established players in the industry and expand their business globally. Our work not only transformed the client's business but also helped them establish a strong and recognizable brand identity.

Overview & Scope


Market Research

  • Conducted thorough market research, benchmarking, and best practices analysis
  • Analyzed the competitive landscape and identified areas for improvement
  • Developed a comprehensive customer profiling approach
  • Conducted an audit and analysis of the customer journey to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement


  • Uplifted the client's brand through logo creation and other design elements
  • Created marketing assets and guidelines to maintain consistency across all touchpoints
  • Developed packaging design that aligned with the brand's image and values
  • Improved merchandising and category management to enhance the customer experience
  • Created a new store design that maximized sales potential
  • Provided execution supervision to ensure seamless implementation of the design elements
  • Developed retail guidelines for consistency across all stores
  • Designed and implemented an ecommerce platform to expand the brand's reach


  • Designed an improved customer journey that accounted for all touchpoints and interactions
  • Positioned the brand to better compete with industry leaders
  • Created compelling content and copywriting that resonated with the target audience
  • Developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligned with the client's goals
  • Created a marketing calendar and managed social media to maintain consistent engagement with the target audience.

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