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The luxury goods retail industry is highly competitive and involves the sale of high-end and premium products such as designer clothing, fine jewelry, and high-end home decor, with numerous large and small companies vying for market share. In order to succeed, companies must be able to offer high-quality, exclusive products that meet the needs and preferences of affluent consumers. This may involve collaborating with top designers, using high-end materials, and offering excellent customer service.

The luxury goods & services retail industry is currently driven by several factors, including:

  • The increasing wealth and disposable income of consumers, particularly in emerging markets, with more people becoming affluent and seeking out premium and luxury products as a way to demonstrate their success and status
  • The growing trend towards experiential luxury, with many consumers now seeking out unique and exclusive experiences, rather than simply buying material goods

Ollen Group helps luxury goods, services and brands companies involved in haute couture clothing and accessories, precious jewelry, high-end watches, luggage, footwear, bags, among others, to navigate trends and challenges by providing research, strategy, planning, design, and execution services. These services can range from market research and competitive analysis to store design and layout, as well as customer experience strategy.


Ollen Group is one of the leading luxury goods services management consulting firms in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East & Africa region. Our luxury goods and services management consultants, global luxury goods and services consultants and luxury goods retail consultant have extensive experience in providing integrated retail & luxury goods consulting services from research and strategy, to design and execution.

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