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Our brand audit approach

Similarly to a business, brands have life cycles. They start with much excitement and promise, grow and then eventually become plateaued. At this stage, they potentially start to lose relevance as customers move on to the latest new thing. A robust, consistent brand means spending less money on attracting new customers, existing customers keep coming back, and a brand is able to charge a premium price for goods and services.

Strong brands make more money. The stronger the brand, the more powerful the business is. A powerful brand can inspire, captivate and engage audiences and consequently increase the bottom line and shareholder value. However, even strong brands need a reality check or health check to keep them on track. Equally, a weak, disconnected, out-of-touch brand will gradually see its market shrink, falling sales and ultimately goes out of business.

Ollen Group brand audit approach enables a brand to identify strengths and weaknesses together with opportunities for innovation and growth, as well as provide a health check with insights into the brand’s impact and performance in the market and, most importantly, why it’s not delivering on the promise. This includes but not limited to:

  • Business and brand resources strengths
  • Brand story, value and identity
  • Brand awareness in the market
  • Brand deficiencies and outside threats
  • Brand competitive positioning in the market
  • Brand perception, image, reputation and attitude in the market
  • Brand management effectiveness

Ollen Group is one of the leading brand consulting firms offering brand audit consultancy in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East & Africa region. Our brand audit consultants in Dubai and brand strategy consultant have extensive experience in providing brand audit consulting services.


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