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Our experience design development services

Design development in experience design involves taking the initial design concept and creating detailed plans and drawings that will be used to guide the construction and installation process. The goal of design development in experience design is to create a detailed and accurate set of plans and drawings that will be used to guide the construction and installation process, ensuring that the final result aligns with the original vision and concept.

Ollen Group design development consultancy services include but not limited to:

  • Floor plan development, involving detailed floor plan that shows the layout and flow of the experience space, as well as the placement of key elements such as merchandise displays, point-of-sale areas, and customer service areas.
  • Elevation development, involving detailed drawings that show the exterior and interior of the experience space from different angles, including details such as materials, finishes, and special features
  • Detailed drawing development, involving detailed drawings for individual elements such as fixtures, displays, and signage, including precise measurements and specifications for materials, finishes, and other details
  • Material and finish selection, involving the materials and finishes that will be used in the construction and installation of the experience space, based on factors such as the overall design concept, the brand message, and practical considerations
  • Vendor coordination, involving coordination with vendors and contractors to source materials and fixtures, and ensure that they are delivered and installed according to the design plans
  • Budget development and management, involving the creation of a budget for the project and managing costs to ensure that the project stays on track and within budget

Ollen Group is one of the leading design development company consulting firms in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East & Africa region. Our design development consultants have extensive experience in providing design development consulting services.


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