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Our market analysis approach

Without extensive knowledge of the market, gained through detailed and structured market analysis, developing long-term strategies and tactical plans, realigning business units, searching for new sales channels, making decisions regarding investment opportunities, and planning sales and budgets are not objectively possible. For most companies, knowledge of the existing market and its own products are limited to the information captured from the field service, as well as other sales channels such as sales representatives or business partners.

Ollen Group 360⚬ research & intelligence approach combines primary and secondary research techniques, to provide concrete knowledge of the available market, market potential and market development, this includes but not limited to:

  • Market and product segmentation
  • Importance of substitution products and their development
  • Market sizing & forecasting (volume / value)
  • Key players and market shares
  • Market trends & market dynamics
  • Market entry strategies
  • Market growth strategies (geo expansion, new markets, new buyers, new offers, among others)
  • PESTLE and Porter’s five forces analysis
  • Best practice analysis
  • SWOT analysis

Ollen Group is one of the leading market analysis consultant firm offering market analysis services in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East & Africa region. Our market analysis consultants team includes subject matter experts and researchers who have extensive experience in providing market analysis consulting services.


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