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Our retail store customer journey design services

Customer journey mapping is a powerful method to discover and visualize the experience that customers enjoy with a retail space, and to see how they engage with the products and/or services. They are used to understand how customers are targeted and through which touchpoints, how they respond and make decisions, what influences them, and where they are facing difficulties when buying products, ordering services or interacting with the retail space, stores and staff in general. Based on established personas, customer journey mapping is used to breakdown customer experiences at different stages, (1) from discovering a retail space, (2) to being first time users, (3) to becoming repeat customers. The goal is to create a realistic customer experience narrative that provides a shared vision of possible improvements that could be implemented in a structured plan.

Ollen Group customer journey design consulting approach starts by identifying various touchpoints through which customers engage with the retail space, products and services and what the customer does at every interaction. When mapping these customer engagements, a mix of quantitative data and qualitative user insights are used to uncover hidden moments of truth to connect customer realities with internal assumptions and perceptions. This includes but not limited to:

  • Actions and interaction descriptions
  • Current satisfaction within different stages
  • Durations of different stages
  • Attitudes and thoughts
  • Emotional responses, feelings and moments of delight
  • Customer needs and pain points
  • Opportunities and recommendations
  • Experience descriptors

Ollen Group is one of the leading customer journey mapping consulting firms in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East & Africa region. Our customer journey mapping consultants have extensive experience in devising bespoke touch point strategies, optimize and develop content strategy and messaging, as well as tweak existing journeys and experiences.


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