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Our packaging technical roll-out services

Packaging technical roll-out helps brands implement new packaging designs and materials on a large scale. It is often used by companies that produce physical products that are as well presented digitally. Brands use this service to ensure that the new packaging is produced consistently and to the highest quality standards, which may involve working with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that the packaging is produced according to the agreed-upon specifications and tolerances, and providing technical support and guidance throughout the production process.

Ollen Group helps companies successfully launch new packaging designs and materials on a large scale, ensuring that the process is smooth and the end result meets all necessary quality and performance standards. This includes but not limited to:

  • Creating detailed specifications for the production of the new packaging, including materials, dimensions, tolerances, and other technical requirements (keylines)
  • Providing technical support and guidance to manufacturers and suppliers to help them produce the packaging according to the agreed-upon specifications
  • Conducting tests and validations of the new packaging to ensure that it meets all necessary performance and quality standards
  • Ensuring that the new packaging meets all necessary regulatory requirements and obtain any necessary approvals
  • Providing training and support to in-house teams to help them understand and implement the new packaging designs and materials

Ollen Group is one of the leading technical roll-out consulting firm in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East & Africa region. Our packaging technical roll-out team have extensive experience in providing technical roll-out services at the early, startup, growth and maturity stages of the business lifecycle.


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