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Our branding strategy services

No matter how big or small the organization is, one of the most fundamental reasons for failure is the fact that branding is often disconnected from business strategy, value proposition and market perception. Many companies fail to develop a brand strategy that impacts customer emotions, creates a bond and conveys the right message to push them to believe that buying their products or services will solve their problem and give them the value they are seeking. As such, building a brand strategy and defining what a brand should stand for in the hearts and minds of customers, employees and stakeholders, and what value it will deliver to them is crucial to understand why the brand exists and what its ultimate essence and purpose is.

Ollen Group brand strategy consultant helps organizations assess, evaluate, and analyze brand identity, performance, and strategy of products and services. As one of the leading brand consulting firms, we offer expert recommendations and insights into possibilities of breathing new life into brands and identify strategies that improve customer loyalty and secure employee engagement and alignment. This includes but not limited to:

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand purpose
  • Universal insight
  • Value proposition
  • Values and drivers
  • Brand manifesto

Ollen Group is one of the leading brand strategy consulting firms and branding consultancy firms in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East & Africa region. Our brand strategy consultant have extensive experience in providing brand & customer strategy consulting services at the early, startup, growth and maturity stages of the business lifecycle.


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