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Having a brand identity doesn't just make products more memorable; it makes the brand more authoritative in the market. A brand that establishes a face, and maintains that face consistently over time, develops credibility among its competitors and trust among its customers. Developing a clear brand identity will help organizations become instantly recognizable to customers. Target audience will associate the brand identity with products or services, and that identity is what forges the connections with customers, builds loyalty, and determines how customers will perceive the brand.

Ollen Group brand identity and consulting service helps organizations develop a clear brand identity and all required tangible assets and collaterals, which include logo, typography, color palette, form/shape, website, product packaging, business cards, email design and signatures, signages, among others. However, before designing and deploying assets and collaterals an organization needs to have a clear understanding of where it stands as a brand. This includes but not limited to the:

  • Mission (the why)
  • Values (beliefs driving the company)
  • Brand personality
  • Unique positioning (differentiation to the competition)
  • Brand voice (communication with the audience)

Ollen Group is one of the leading brand design and brand identity consulting firms in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East & Africa region. Our brand consulting specialists have extensive experience in providing brand identity design services consulting at the early, startup, growth and maturity stages of the business lifecycle.


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