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September 06, 2023 | Retail

The retail industry has housed a variety of changes over the last several decades, including a renewed interest on the customer experience. While the old adage of “the customer is always right” has been a driving factor for many business owners over the years, very few have focused on making the customer experience a prime concern. That has changed over the years with customers expecting a more personalized experience when they go shopping. Read on to learn how to make your customers have a great experience when they shop with you.

Embrace personalization

A few years ago, retailers never would’ve been able to imagine a completely customized shopping experience. However, that has changed with the creation of AI programs that seemingly know us better than we know ourselves. These algorithm programs are able to help customers select products they may be interested in due to their ability to look at a customer’s shopping history. The more a customer buys from a company, the more data the computer receives, and the better the recommendations. This leads to customers feeling like they can get just what they need from a retailer.

Use technology to enhance employee training

Technology is an excellent tool for running a business, but it can also help businesses looking to train their employees. One of the most unique methods that some stores are utilizing to train their employees is with the use of VR headsets. These headsets place employees in a simulation game to help them get used to their responsibilities as an employee. However, technology isn’t limited to VR technology either. Plenty of resources exist to help employees get through training modules easier, including games and digital flashcards that employees can use to learn specific terms or policies.

Customer experience and human interaction

While we love talking about all the ways that technology can benefit a retail business, it’s important not to overlook the importance of adding a human element to the shopping experience. Happy employees are more likely to treat your customers well, so take the time to address their needs and concerns as well as those of your customers. Also look to include how your employees can make the customer experience better, such as using a specific greeting or incorporating the use of tablets around the store for a quick checkout experience. Once your employees are onboard to treat your customers well, you’ll find your store offers a better customer experience.

Provide loyalty program

Loyalty programs are growing in popularity as more people discover the savings they provide simply from regularly shopping at an establishment. Rewards programs can give a consumer a much-needed push to shop at a specific location by establishing customer loyalty in exchange for rewards. Rewards programs don’t need to offer steep discounts either. Simply giving a percentage off after a certain number of recommended people or free product after a set amount of purchases is more than enough to keep most people coming back.

Streamline your checkout process

One thing that really hangs people up is how long the checkout process takes, especially if it’s online. A number of online shoppers will abandon their online carts simply because certain processes didn’t work, including, discount codes, reentering credit card information and needing to renter shipping info. This hassle leads to trillions in lost revenue each year around the world. However, most of these carts can be recovered, offering retailers the ability to gain back some of this lost revenue. The main method to regain these customers? Streamlining the checkout process looking for glaring hurdles that can stop customers from completing their purchases.

However, retail stores can benefit from streamlining as well. Cashier less stores are on the rise in retailers around the world, allowing machines to check out a larger number of customers in a short amount of time. Other stores are looking to incorporate smart shelf technology that allows people to purchase things directly off the shelf. By allowing an assortment of checkout options, retailers can look towards increasing their revenues and ensuring customers leave with the items they want.

Include Millennials

Millennials are the largest working group in Saudi Arabia, composing roughly 18.5% of the country’s workforce. However, the group has been painfully overlooked when one is looking at retail. Stores are still catering to those in their 40s and up simply because they are more likely to have money for larger purchases. While this may make sense for more luxury brands, most retail stores will need to tap into the millennial market, and they should begin by examining what millennials are looking for when shopping, including more automated processes and a company that shares its brand values. By focusing on millennials as shoppers, brands can inspire customer loyalty for years to come.

Listen to your tech team’s concerns

With an assortment of different technologies available, it can be tempting to select the most expensive or elaborate and get your employees to work. However, rather than spending your time and money focusing on what you think your employees should be using, take the time to figure out what they want to use.

Employees are more likely to know which software and equipment they’ll be operating, and they can likely recommend a system that they’re familiar with due to its ease of use. If not, consider talking to them about what kind of issues they face in the current system and what solutions they would like to see.

The customer experience in retail has led to an assortment of technological developments that are changing the face of retail forever. From focusing on personalized customer experiences to including millennials in design plans, retail store owners are finding new ways to connect with customers. However, one of the best ways to improve your customer experience is to connect with a retail design firm. Retail design firms will help you make the right decisions for your company while staying well within your budget.

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