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Our Retail Stores Services

Retail stores are highly competitive and constantly evolving, as retailers seek to find new ways to attract and retain customers in an increasingly digital marketplace. It involves the sale of goods mainly through established channels such as specialty stores, ecommerce, hypermarkets, supermarket chains, department stores, and brand official stores, among others. These stores are typically located in urban areas and are geared towards providing a wide range of products for consumers, including food, clothing, electronics, and home goods.

Some of the key trends witnessed in retail stores include:

  • The use of advanced technology and data analytics to optimize operations, enhance the shopping experience for customers, track customer purchasing habits and preferences, and make personalized recommendations or offer targeted discounts
  • The use of technology such as self-checkout kiosks, mobile payment systems, and online shopping platforms to streamline the purchasing process and improve efficiency
  • The increasing focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, with many retailers working to reduce their environmental impact and improve their supply chain practices in order to appeal to consumers who are concerned about these issues

As a retail stores expert consulting firm, Ollen Group helps retail stores to but not limited to:


  • Understand market trends, consumer behavior, and the competitive landscape
  • Identify new market opportunities, develop growth strategies, and create operational and financial plans
  • Adopt and leverage new technologies such as e-commerce and implementation to data analytics and artificial intelligence
  • Develop brand identities, marketing and communication strategies and private labels
  • Design and improve stores layout, wayfinding and customer experience
  • Optimize supply chain operations, including sourcing, procurement, logistics, and distribution
  • Improve sustainability and social responsibility practices in order to appeal to consumers and meet regulatory requirements

Ollen Group is one of the top retail store consulting firms in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East & Africa region. Our retail store management consulting team have extensive experience in providing integrated retail stores consultancy services from research and strategy, to design and execution.


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