Interior Design Consultation Services

Craft unique concepts with our expert design capabilities and implementation support to differentiate yourself from the competition, attract customers, and boost your business growth


Serving some of the most prominent brands, commercial developers, and independent retailers, we specialize in creating inviting, functional, and highly efficient business environments in industries such as hospitality & leisure, travel retail, consumer goods, and retail, that deliver the best brand ambitions and customer experience. This includes (but not limited to) spaces such as restaurants, bars, hotels, duty-free, beauty & cosmetics stores, among others.

Ollen Group is a leading design consulting firm in the Middle East & Africa region. Our experience and interior design consultants have extensive experience in providing interior design consultation services. Our approach is pragmatic and starts in an in-depth understanding of customer needs and business requirements. We go to great lengths to assess needs, systems, core business functions, sales strategies, and desired customer responses. We determine how the idea and space will interact with one another and integrate the two to best meet your goals. As a design consulting company, our process includes 3 main phases:

1. Conceptual Design: We find the perfect fit, determine what goes where, and allocate the functional spaces.

2. Design Development: We bring the design to life and provide architectural drawings, renderings, and 3D models.

3. Implementation & Supervision: We provide technical specifications for approval and support contractors/manufacturers in execution quality control.


Conceptual Design

We focus on outlining the function and forming the idea by drawing up a detailed list of your perceptions, which will form the basis for the design concept. We mainly look at interactions, experiences, processes, audiences, and propositions. We match the idea, identity, functionality, and design to the requirements focusing on achieving the best possible future investment. Some examples of deliverables include sketches, mood images, keywords, brainstorming maps, guidelines, and identity.


Concept Pre-Design


Layout & Floor Plan Design


Branding Concept Design


Zoning & Space Planning

Design Development

Our creative team of designers and interior architects start adding tangible & practical details to the conceptual design. A large part of this phase is iterating & prioritizing these concepts to ensure only feasible ones that can be implemented within the given constraints (budget, materials, municipal guidelines, and sourcing). Some examples of deliverables include 3D visuals, branding assets, material specifications, supplier equipment specifications, digital platforms, among others.


Branding Finalization


Schematic package


FF&E Specifications


Digital Solutions

Implementation & Supervision

Once the concept and design have been concluded, we focus on the 1st step of the Implementation & Supervision phase, which is setting the technical specification of all design elements. In this step, we consolidate the design of the space into an execution package for contractors/manufacturers. Some examples of deliverables include technical plans, bill of quantities, implementation timeline, supplier details, among others.

Following the completion of all design phases, we focus on the 2nd step of the Implementation & Supervision phase, which is to assist the contractors/manufacturers with the execution process to ensure the integrity & quality of the design by supporting in the approval process of all implementation tasks, such as approval of materials, review of site conditions, amendments in technical details-driven through site conditions, value engineering, weekly progress tracking, among others.


Branding Collaterals (POSM)


Technical Package


Tender Project Management


Project Supervision