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Our Livestock & Poultry Farming Services

The livestock & poultry farming industry plays a crucial role in feeding the world's population and is a vital component of the global agriculture sector, it involves the production of animals for food, milk, wool, and other purposes. In recent years, the livestock farming industry has faced a number of challenges, including increasing demand for animal-based protein as the global population grows, the impact of climate change on animal health and production, and the need to adopt more sustainable farming practices.

To meet these challenges, the livestock farming industry has embraced a number of modern technologies and techniques, such as precision farming, precision nutrition, and genomics. These technologies and techniques have helped to increase efficiency and productivity, but they have also raised concerns about their potential impact on the environment and animal welfare.

Ollen Group farming consultants help companies involved in poultry, beef, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, insects, and camels, and using technologies such as genomics, connected livestock, precision farming, among others, to increase their productivity, improve their product offering, increase their profits, enter new markets and understand and navigate government regulations, such as those related to food safety and environmental protection.

Ollen Group is one of the leading poultry and livestock farming consultants in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East & Africa region. Our poultry and livestock farm consultants and livestock farm technology consultant have extensive experience in providing integrated agriculture consultancy services and livestock farm consultants firm services helping Agribusinesses capture opportunities and navigate uncertainties.

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