Project Management Consultant

Accelerate growth with our specialized execution services to speed time-to-market, acquire market share, close funding rounds, and make better decisions in line with the business strategy


Understanding the market, choosing the right opportunities, designing winning strategies, and developing practical plans are extremely important, however, all these efforts and investments will go to vain unless they are duly executed and implemented across the organization in line with the set timeline, milestones, and targets. We believe that leaders should be pragmatic and execute effectively on their strategies and plans, and in most cases, the first phase of the execution plan is usually the most challenging.

Ollen Group is one of the leading project management consulting firms in the Middle East & Africa region. Our project management consultant have extensive experience in providing project management consulting services and project management support services. We understand the importance of sound project management and consulting execution and can help you accelerate the implementation and deliver on your timelines by providing different services, from project management to apps, software, and website development.

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Many organizations fail to align their strategy with the execution efforts, leading to poor performance, lack of focus, loss of investments, wastage in resources, and stagnant business growth.

At Ollen, we help you set-up, support, and manage an effective PMO that can deliver results and bring your projects successfully to life.

Despite the rising popularity of entrepreneurship, startup culture brings its own unique set of challenges and problems that its leaders must commit to addressing. Starting a business entails understanding and dealing with many issues across the different parts of the organization.

At Ollen, we work together with startup founders to overcome these obstacles and help the startup design its strategy, validate its business model, develop its minimum viable product, provide technological support, go competitively to market, build a solid foundation for the future, and boost its growth.

Funding is the fuel that startup engines need and should be an ongoing process. Getting funded the right amount at the right time by the right investors on the right terms is a key task for startup leaders. Preparing to raise capital is almost as important as the capital raising itself. Creating a solid foundation for raising funds will help a company be more organized and have a better chance of getting that much-needed capital.

At Ollen, we help you get ready, determine, and validate your capital needs and tick all the boxes needed to pitch investors and close your funding rounds.

Raising capital is not easy and investors go through hundreds of pitch decks a day. Having carefully crafted teasers and pitch decks can hook the potential investor and place your investment opportunity at the top of the priority lists.

At Ollen, we help you design a winning teaser and pitch deck that will ensure you stand out from the rest and move to the next steps.

Throughout the lifecycle of a startup or growth stage company, the board of advisors is one of the most valuable resources at your disposal to obtain expert advice, bring expansive network, make strategic decisions, and serve as promotional advocates for your venture.

At Ollen, we can be part of your advisory board and bring our extensive knowledge and experience into your company's mindshare and decision making.

Developing branding strategies and plans alone is not enough. Organizations must translate their strategies into clear identity and guidelines, and convey to all stakeholders everything they stand for, what they believe, their reputation, and what they are trying to achieve, to build rapport, awareness, and loyalty.

At Ollen, we translate your branding strategy into a unique branding package that includes:

  • Brand visual identity (logo, typography, color, and imagery)
  • Brand verbal guidelines (brand essence-personality, voice & tone, tagline, value proposition, messaging pillars, among others)
  • Brand visual guidelines (logo, colors, typography, imagery, hierarchy, iconography, social media elements, videos, and motions, among others)

Whether developing content from scratch or repurposing the existing content to increase engagement and relevance, an organization needs to keep on creating meaningful content that offers value to its buyer personas, while also cementing the brand’s thought-leadership and showcasing an irresistible personality behind the brand.

At Ollen, we produce compelling, engaging content that will convert prospects to leads and help to progress and nurture them down the sales funnel. This includes designing assets per channel following the editorial calendar in line with the marketing strategy & plan, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, website, webinar, among others.

The significance and influence of mobile phones in our daily life and activities can’t be denied. Mobile phones have transformed from an ordinary communication device to a major point of attention for individuals and businesses alike due to their unique features. Regardless of what your business is, a mobile application helps in getting and retaining customers by offering new channels in which customers can interact with your business on the go. Not only does a mobile app increase customer engagement but also helps in improving operational efficiency by embedding remote work capabilities to normal work environments.

At Ollen, we Leverage our tech expertise to provide you with end-to-end mobile app development services across different platforms including iOS, Android, Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native.

Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting the way we live, interact, and work. With smart devices penetrating our daily lives, this technology has opened new avenues for better operations and improved efficiency inside an organization.

At Ollen, we provide end-to-end solutions to help your business processes become more efficient. Using our expertise to work with smart devices, sensors, IoT gateways, cloud servers, and IoT applications, we can diligently handle the IoT app development process to help you succeed.

Without an impressive product design, gaining momentum and attracting customers will be more challenging. In today’s world where attention span is short, it is crucial to enrich your mobile app with the right ingredients and best practices to grab the attention of users and engage them efficiently.

At Ollen, our online design consultant will follow a structured UI/UX design process to develop an extraordinary end-user experience that keeps users hooked and motivates them to come back.

Rapid globalization has made web presence an integral part of running a successful business. Without a responsive online portal, an organization cannot generate enough awareness about its story, brand, mission, products, and services.

At Ollen, we understand how crucial it is to have a strong web presence and can help you develop responsive and engaging websites. Our approach offers an integrated solution comprising complete design, development, and deployment of the websites.