Leading Dates, Nuts & Spices Retail Concept

Created a unique retail concept for dates, nuts, and spices, leveraging their market leadership to drive growth. Through comprehensive market research, we developed a phantom brand, created a retail concept and store experience, and developed an implementation plan that enabled the company to expand their business and reach new customers while maintaining strong relationships with their existing B2B clients.

Overview & Scope

We worked with a leading company in the Middle East and Africa market for nuts, dried fruits, dates, spices, and pulses, to create a specialty retail store for dates, nuts, and spices. The project aimed to leverage their market leadership in the category and enhance their presence through a new retail concept that could provide customers with a unique shopping experience.

Our team helped to guide them through the process of establishing a successful retail concept. We conducted extensive market research to determine where and how the concept would fit into the current market, what the concept would offer, and at what price point to ensure it would complement rather than compete with their existing B2B clients. Our team worked closely with the client to ensure that the retail concept would be aligned with their brand, mission, and values, and that it would attract customers and drive sales growth.

We successfully created a unique retail experience that reflected the brand and mission. Our design team worked to create an inviting and modern space that showcased the products and offered customers a personalized and interactive shopping experience. We also developed a robust marketing strategy to promote the new retail store across various digital and offline channels, helping to drive foot traffic and generate buzz around the new concept.

Overall, we helped the company expand their business by creating a successful retail concept that aligned with their brand, and that provided customers with a unique shopping experience.

Overview & Scope


Market Study

  • Conducted a comprehensive consumer profiling of the UAE market, which helped define target customer personas and value propositions that would resonate with potential customers
  • Conducted an in-depth category overview of the UAE market, which provided insight into the ideal experience to create for different segments of target customers. This allowed us to tailor the retail concept to meet the unique needs of each customer segment
  • Gathered key market facts and figures, including market share, performance, breakdown by location, product type/size/brand, and distribution channels, which helped us make informed decisions about the retail concept's design, pricing, and overall positioning in the market
  • Benchmarked against best market practices and case studies to identify key success factors and avoid common pitfalls in the industry
  • Identified potential locations for the retail store that would maximize visibility and accessibility for customers

Strategic Direction

  • Developed an executive feasibility report summarizing the study findings, including commercial, technical, and financial analyses. This helped us evaluate the viability of the retail concept and identify potential risks and opportunities
  • Created a clear and concise project strategic direction that outlined the project's objectives, goals, and timelines. This helped ensure that the project was completed within the given timeframe and budget
  • Developed an implementation plan that detailed the steps required to launch the retail concept successfully. This included creating a project roadmap, defining roles and responsibilities, and outlining the necessary resources required to execute the plan effectively

Brand & Retail Concept Creation

  • Created a phantom brand, which helped us differentiate the retail concept from Gyma's existing B2B clients and avoid conflicts of interest
  • Developed all brand collaterals, packaging, and assets, which helped us create a cohesive and memorable brand identity that would resonate with potential customers
  • Created a retail concept and store experience that offered a unique and personalized shopping experience for customers. This included designing an inviting and modern space, developing an interactive and user-friendly shopping interface, and creating a robust marketing strategy to promote the retail store to potential customers

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