Proven ecommerce trends to implement in 2022

January 25, 2022 | Consumer Goods

Ecommerce today is no longer an option, but a necessity. If you are an organization looking to expand and grow, adding eCommerce to your business model is crucial. If you are eager to get your business ready and seize the opportunities 2022 has to offer; this article will go through the most important ecommerce trends that we've observed.

Attention to privacy of consumer data

Privacy of consumer data is more popular than ever. The public is becoming more aware of how their data is used, and their desire for greater control is getting noticed. The result? Better UX (user experience) and indirect control of permissions (iOS15 made a significant stand regarding this, starting in the application, email, and third parties' privacy).

Also, we're seeing the end of cookies from third parties, with more concentration on transparency. We're set to witness an increase in the value of zero-party data; therefore, start planning your innovative collection by 2022.

Demand for voice search

Voice assistants in your phone or home smart hub and even the remote control for your TV have made great progress. Voice search is becoming more popular and directly affects the results of searches and shopping.

E-commerce sellers need to be aware of any changes in search algorithms to improve their site to increase sales in the future. At a minimum, check that your site is well optimized for mobile and voice searches by prioritizing what details people search for.

Multiple payment methods

Customers prefer to select the payment method they prefer during check-out. So, technology consulting firms that can diversify their payment options will be more likely to establish trust, lower cart abandonment, and motivate customers to make more purchases. Credit cards that are interest-free such as buy now pay later, or an easy 1-click option for payment, will increase popularity and attract customers who want more flexibility when shopping online.

Augmented reality (AR)

The main reason online shopping received a lot of criticism was that it does not provide a more immersive experience such as instore shopping. Also, visualizing can be a challenge. However, Augmented reality is a great trend in eCommerce. Thanks to AR technology, customers can get an experience that is natural to the product they are buying, allowing customers to make a more informed purchase.

The great thing about AR is that not only can it provide an immersive 3D model of a product, but it also lets a customer experience the item as if they were holding the item in their hands.

Influence of social media on online sales

It is also possible to see the growth of social commerce through 2022. Social media is an integral element of modern life, and the possibility to find and purchase items through these channels is an appealing proposition for many buyers.

Ecommerce companies must make use of social media in 2022. This is particularly pertinent if you're targeting a younger audience. Why? Since younger users use social media to shop more than other groups of people.

Twenty-eight per cent of young online shoppers reported buying products through social media. In addition, 54% of younger users discover brands through social media, which is the most amount compared to the older age group.

Social commerce helps your business increase sales by building its network, working with similar brands, and telling experiences with satisfied customers.

Emphasis on sustainability

"Renewable" and "Sustainable" aren't simply buzzwords. Both governments and consumers are making major changes to renewable energy sources, sustainable practices for the environment, and long-term sustainable planning. Investors are driving new ESG (environmental, social, and governance) preferences on the market. Consumers also decide with their funds, and they tend to prefer businesses committed to sustainability.

Sustainability isn't only restricted to eco-friendly brands and products. Since consumers are more likely to purchase from purpose-driven brands, we'll see more companies adopt sustainable methods. To reach out to the new generation of conscious customers, it is important to ensure your values align with those of the customers you want to attract. This will help build trust and will drive growth for your company.

Customized marketing and products

Studies show that most customers want greater personalization. Through a greater degree of customization, companies can provide shoppers with a personalized experience and give each customer personalized care that helps them proceed further down the cornet.

Making shopping a more personalized experience is crucial to satisfying customers. People often require assistance in locating the best products and appreciate a more customized experience that is personalized to their requirements. Online stores that comply with this new trend have invested in technologies to deliver personalized pop-ups, follow-up emails, and relevant offers. These all together offer an improved shopping experience and increase the trust of their customers.

Trends in eCommerce keep evolving the more data is collected on consumer and business behaviours. Similarly, Technology is evolving rapidly, and there's no doubt that it's making our work easier. We've listed the top new trends that will dominate the year 2022. Keeping up with the trends is surely beneficial for staying ahead of the competitors and standing apart from the crowd.

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