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The amount of new and existing data circulating in the world today is unprecedented. As this growth continues, organizations should identify and capture the most valuable and meaningful information and turn them into competitive advantages. This is why we believe that business leaders cannot thrive in the market on the long run unless they lead the way with powerful insights, solid information, and timely intelligence.

Ollen Group is one of the leading research consulting firms and analytics consulting firms in the Middle East & Africa region. Our consultants have extensive experience in providing research consulting services, data analysis consultancy services, and data analytics consulting services. We have designed our services in an approach that address all aspects of your business environment, help you make informed decisions, and elevate your organization to the next level. Whether you have a specific need or a deep-down dive in all aspects of your business we can help you achieve your objectives.




Ollen 360 research, intelligence, and analytics approach combines integrated qualitative, quantitative, primary and secondary research techniques, to provide you with a deep understanding of the main factors that are driving market changes, impacting your business environment, and affecting your plans to achieve your objectives. Ollen Group team includes data scientists with deep industry and technical expertise in analyzing and managing big data and complex datasets. The process includes using advanced analytics tools to manage, analyze, and visualize raw data into meaningful business intelligence.

Competitive Intensity
Leadership & Relevance
Global MegaTrends
Market & Industry Shifts
Business Transformation
Customer Dynamics
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Demographics Channels Preferences Behaviors Experience

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Benchmarking Positioning Market Share Advantages Success Factors

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Tech Breakthrough Sustainability
Future of Thinking
Work-Life Reform
Behavioral Economy

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Opportunities Segmentation Size & Demand Insights & Trends Capital & Risk

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Concepts & Options Strategies
Business Models
Sourcing & Costs


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